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2. CREDIT CHECK:  A link will be sent to you to process and pay for a personal credit check required by the landlord.

3.Usually* SECURITY DEPOSIT FEE: bank check or money order equal to 1.5 months rent paid directly to landlord

4. Usually* BROKER FEE: Equal to one months rent payable

5. FIRST MONTHS RENT: Bank check or money order made payable to landlord.The first months rent will be due and payable prior to move in via bank check or direct deposit into landlords account

6. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Copies of a license(s) and/or proper identification.

Leases will be drawn up and emailed to you via electronic signature.  An entire package along with the credit report, deposit checks, lease application, identification and lease will be presented to the landlord for review.  The landlord will notify you of any questions and/or their final decision,

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